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Review: Illusion by Frank Peretti

Frank Peretti's Illusion
Frank Peretti's Illusion
Frank Peretti's Illusion


Highlights: Mandy Eloise is an incredible woman, and she found her soulmate in Dane Collins, twice.
Synopsis: A mysterious science fiction adventure tying the destiny of two people together, or tearing them apart.



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Peretti has masterfully created characters you can't help but befriend, fear for, cheer for, cry with, and laugh with.


This is not an easy fluff piece that can be read just anywhere. It really takes focus to understand what Peretti has done.

Posted July 14, 2014 by

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Frank Peretti has authored eight Christian novels over his career. His most recent release, Illusion, is an amazing science fiction mystery with twists and turns that will keep your imagination churning. The science behind the fiction and the taint of governmental involvement serve to develop quite a nefarious conspiracy theory.

She had lived a full and happy life; in 1970 nineteen-year-old Mandy Eloise Whitacre met Dane Collins at the Spokane County Fair, and over the next 40 years they became partners in life, in God, and also on stage as the popular magical entertainment duo “DANE AND MANDY“. After a stint in Las Vegas, the couple decided to retire to a peaceful ranch in Mandy’s home state of Idaho.

“Mandy Eloise Collins, best known as the witty and offbeat

wife and partner of Dane Collins in the magical duo

Dane and Mandy, was killed yesterday, and her husband,

Dane, injured when the Collins’ car was sidestruck

by another motorist, also killed in the crash. Dane Collins,

riding in the passenger seat, escaped and was subsequently

injured trying to rescue his wife from the burning vehicle…”

And then there she was, 19 years old and enjoying the shade of the honey locus tree overlooking the Spokane County Fair; the world around her had completely jolted and shifted, and even the clothes she was wearing were replaced. It was 2010; one moment she was in 1970 and the next she was in 2010. Everyone she loved was gone; she had nowhere to go. Was she crazy? Did she imagine that other time? With her only talent, she panhandled for change by doing corny magic tricks in town.

Still hurting physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Dane retreated to the isolation of the ranch in Idaho he had purchased with Mandy, until he crossed paths with a cheesy gypsy performing basic card tricks. He was inexplicably drawn to this young, vibrant woman, and it invoked painful memories of his loss. He met her again at a coffee shop performance a friend dragged him to, her magic skills greatly improved. Again, the emotions brought out by this young woman overwhelmed Dane. What was it about this girl?

My mother picked Illusion as her choice for our July book club meeting. I had never read Peretti’s novels before; however, after this roller coaster ride, I will absolutely be picking up another one. If you have read any of his other works, which do you suggest?

Illusion: A Novel

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    Karen Burwell

    Read Peretti’s This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. Intense stuff!

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