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Bookkaholic went live in March of 2013. Our magazine currently reaches over 6,000 unique monthly visitors per month, with over 12,000 monthly page views. That’s 6,000 people who could be reading about your book! We’re a new magazine, of course, and we’re working hard to make that number grow. Our audience is currently 70% female and 30% male. The majority of our readers (71%) have at least a college degree, and 48% of our readers earn more than $50,000 a year. That’s money to spend on your book! Take a look at our book advertising opportunities below.

Our Approach to Book Advertising

Here at Bookkaholic, we are a team of writers working together to provide online readers with quality, interesting, unique, and humorous content about books. We are passionate about reading and writing, and strive to provide our readers with engaging content about books. We write honest and unbiased book reviews, unique book lists, articles about current book trends and technology, and a bit of book philosophy. We also provide and rate book trailers.

Working With Us to Promote Your Book

Book Advertising

Book Giveaways: Book giveaways are a great way to promote your book and get readers excited about your writing. If you decide to host your book giveaway with Bookkaholic, we will provide you with custom graphic design for your post, and access to our extensive social media networks through Bookkaholic and our sister company, Bookkus Publishing. You can set the terms of your giveaway (how many books you want to give away, what you’d like readers to do to qualify for the contest) and we will handle getting the word out there. Once the contest is done, you will be provided with the list of readers who signed up so you can communicate with them in the future.

Sponsored Reviews: If you opt for a sponsored review on Bookkaholic, your book will be thoroughly reviewed by one of our regular Bookkaholic staff writers. The review will be featured as spotlighted content on the website, and advertised via Bookkaholic and Bookkus Publishing on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. (Please do note that all of our reviews are honest and unbiased, and we therefore cannot guarantee that your book will receive an “A” rating.)

Author Q & A’s: If you’d like to be interviewed by a Bookkaholic staff writer, please contact us! All of our staff writers do choose their own content to cover, but if you are interested in appearing on our site, we will work hard to find a writer who is interested and excited to work with you. If you have a writer you’d like to work with, and are looking for somewhere to publish your Author Q & A, please let us know!

Guest Articles: Guest articles are a great way to acquaint our readers with your name and writing style. While we don’t recommend (and probably wouldn’t publish) articles that you write about your own book, you can include a biography of yourself with your article, with links to your own website and books. So, do you have a great idea for a review or other book related article that you’d like to write? Please send us a pitch, along with relevant information about yourself and your writing.

Google Adwords - Book Advertising

We do our main book advertising through Google Adwords so please target us via your advertisements. You can target us by learning how here: Targeting a Specific Site

Lijit Ads

We have many ad spaces also listed on who are actually legit and great to work with. Feel free to join up there to use  the 300 x 250 ad space on the right side bar. We are a great place for book advertising and book related advertising. We are glad you are looking to support us and advertising is a big way to support our authors.

Check out our readership on Quantcast for book advertising.


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