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An Anniversary and a Farewell

March 2015 marks the second birthday of Bookkaholic magazine! Over the past two years, I’ve written 100 articles and book reviews for this terrific web magazine. This marks my 101st and – alas – last article for Bookkaholic. Be...
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The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

“Dear Mr. Richard Gere” is how Matthew Quick’s second novel for adults, The Good Luck of Right Now, begins. It’s not a one-time hello to the famous actor; instead, Mr. Gere gets a salutation at the start of every chapter, or le...

World Book Night 2014

For booklovers, discussing our passion with non-readers can be a little unsettling. Non-readers just don’t understand why nothing smells better to us than a freshly printed novel. They cannot fathom how we look at paper cuts ca...

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Books to Read When You Want to Change Careers

The day comes for just about everyone, at least once in their life. Whether the career transition you’re making is drastic, like that of a burger flipper to a CEO, or more of a natural next step, there are a few ways to prepare...

Anti-Self-help Books

You’ve heard of self-help. How could you not have? Especially in the United States, it’s a multi-million dollar industry, supported by Evangelical Christianity and secular psychiatry alike. But what about anti-self-help? (Alas,...

Book Lists

The Best Books about Work Life Balance

Let’s face it. Although our favorite pastime is staying up late and devouring as many books as we possibly can, many of us still need to set aside some time to work if we’re going to make money. That said, there’s ways of findi...
Book Lists

The Great British Countryside in Books

Books to beat the January blues, with views from the Great British Countryside… As we Brits desperately plow our way through Dry January and, like most poor folk in the Northern Hemisphere, cower away from the dankness an...

Books to Better Yourself in 2014

At the close of a year, many people spend some time reflecting on all that has occurred in their lives over the course of the past 12 months. Some may be celebrating their accomplishment of last year’s resolutions, while others...

What Should I Read Next

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park is about two high school students who are awkward, outcast, and self-conscious...but manage to find common ground in music and in each other.

A Bibliophile’s Miscellany: 9/11 Literature

Where were you on September 11th, 2001? Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy was for a previous generation, it’s a landmark day in our shared history. I was a couple weeks into my freshman year of college and just getting ...