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Welcome to our compilation of interesting books. We know that we’ve got some great books for you to read and we want you to find them here. Take a look below for lists, reviews, and more.


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Welcome to the collection of interesting books. We’ve taken all our book articles about interesting books and put them in one place for you to check out. Our writers have the unique ability to find interesting books that normal humans do not have. This ability comes from years of studying, genetic alteration, brain performance enhancing steroids, and hard work. They are pretty much super humans and we do our best to prevent them from taking over the world, but unfortunately we do not feel we’ll be able to stop them forever… Our writers truly are the best and have great powers, but with great powers come great responsibilities. So please read responsibly.
Interesting Books

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Interesting books are just the start of your book journey on Bookkaholic. We have so many different articles, ideas, and books that you’ll want to keep coming back because finding books is half the battle of reading. This is a battle we want you to win because if you can’t find something new and interesting to read, you’ll be stuck with ‘Twilight.’ And not even our writers can help you if you catch a case of the ‘Twilight.’ If you look below you can see the books we’ve read, reviewed, and thought were unique. Check them out.
Or if you are not impressed (you can’t be serious?) you can come take a look at our awesome books which are sure to get you excited. We also have many book trailers, book debates, and books you should read next. Our interesting books are here, but we do have more to offer you and hope you take a look at it. Don’t forget to book mark us, join our mailing list, or visit us weekly for new articles and book info. Check out the interesting book articles below, comment, rate, and enjoy.
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