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There is a lot to learn about Bookkaholic; so we are glad you stopped by here.

We are dedicated to providing online readers with quality, interesting, unique and humorous content about books, book trends, the book industry, and reading in general. We offer unbiased and honest book reviews. We want to create a literary magazine readers flock to find books and read for enjoyment. We want to create content about books. It is that simple.

About Bookaholic Values

  • We want to challenge people’s book beliefs
  • We are a team of writers working together
  • We lead and never follow
  • We are passionate about writing.
  • We write honestly and from an unbiased perspective (especially our reviews)
  • We write new articles that entertain and excite readers
  • We publish really great cartoons that make you smile or make you think

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There are a few ways to support Bookkaholic.

  1. Write a comment on a post. Comments are a great way to support the magazine and take part in our discussions about books.
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Writing for Bookkaholic

Bookkaholic is always looking for unique authors who stay up too late reading books and end up being tired the next day because of it (also known as a book hangover). Check out our writing careers.

We also sometimes except guest posts from extraordinary writers or writers with great followings. Feel free to pitch us, but expect a no.

Bookkaholic Staff

Check out our authors or learn about writing careers.

General About Bookkaholic

Bookkaholic is a subsidiary of Bookkus Publishing. Bookkus Publishing is always looking for casual book reviewers and authors.

Bookkaholic is a profit sharing company where advertising revenues are shared between Bookkus Publishing, editors, marketers, technical staff, writers, and cartoonists.

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