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Bradley Sides

Bradley Sides holds an M.A. in English. His fiction appears in numerous print and online journals. He is a staff writer for Bookkaholic and a frequent contributor to Drunk Monkeys. He resides in Florence, Alabama, with his wife, and he is working on securing a release date for his debut novel, Leaving Today.


Maritime gal friday with two degrees in literature and a love of magic realism, typography, and poetry in all its forms. Check out all my articles.

Courtney Gordner


Craig Donofrio

After a couple years as an editor and reporter in a small New England area, I up and quit my job and moved to New Orleans for adventure and to pursue a career in freelance writing. I'm chasing the muse, and trying not to go broke. If all else fails, I hear that panhandlers make good money.


Edward Yatscoff is an award winning author with seven eBooks, and has published several short stories and travel articles. His firefighter suspense eBooks are the first in Canada and his MG novels are the first written in a Niagara Peninsula setting. Edward is a retired fire rescue captain who has circled the globe, lived in Oz, fishes, camps, and travels widely. He keeps track of his reads on Goodreads and posts short stories on his website. He lives in Alberta with Gloria and manages a writers group.

Ella George


Hannah Sheldon-Dean

I'm a lifelong literary omnivore, and am delighted to be turning my obsession with books into a career. I currently write for Kirkus Reviews and Bookslut, and I also work as a freelance writer and editor for organizations and individuals of all stripes. When I'm not messing around with words, you'll find me singing, cooking, or wandering the streets of Brooklyn. Check out all my articles.

Lauren V. Bryant

Having studied library and information sciences in a graduate program at San Jose State University, Lauren is a professional librarian who has worked in school and public libraries. She currently works at a public library where she helps the public get e-books and other downloadables on their devices. Check out Lauren's website, http://www.LaurentheLibrarian.com/ for more book related articles and content. Check out all my articles.

Lucy Rock

Lucy Rock is a book blogger and writer based in the sunny North of England. Eschewing a career as a cheese-monger to study modern languages and run the Manchester Book Club, Lucy writes at Literary Relish and spends her weekends drinking Robinsons' ale and reading fables by Paul Gallico. Bliss

Melissa Duclos

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania. I have eight years experience attending and teaching creative writing workshops, reading a wide range of fiction. I live in Portland, OR with my husband, our son, daughter, and Yorkshire Terrier, Saunders. We are transplants to the Pacific Northwest, from Brooklyn, and we couldn’t be happier here. Check out all my articles.

Mollie Smith Waters

Mollie Smith Waters teaches American literature, theater, and speech at a small community college in rural Alabama. Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, and walking.


My name is Nick, and I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am an as-of-yet undeclared English major, but for all intents and purposes that is what I study. I have been an avid reader since the second grade, and am an amateur writer (mostly of poetry, and I'm slowly but surely breaking out into prose writing.) I have several literary heroes, all of whom are writers of literary criticism. As such, writing criticism for me is both a way to appreciate art in and of itself, as well as pay homage to a wonderful tradition of free-thinking, analytic creativity.


Portia considers herself to be a multi-talented creator with a passion for writing, film, art, culture and the community. Her first love were books; then she cheated on them with film. But when the opportunity arises, she jumps on making both relationships happy-snappy.

Rachel Storey

Software engineer by day, bookworm by night. I love reading. I love writing about reading. I love talking about writing about reading. I joined Bookkaholic to have great conversations about literature, so please feel free to leave comments and discussions.

Rebecca Foster

American transplant to England. Former library assistant turned full-time freelance writer and book reviewer. Check out all my articles.


Former middle school teacher and school librarian, current doctoral student in education. Reader of all things young adult. I'm particularly fond of dystopian societies, sassy female protagonists, and clever dialogue. I can often be found asleep with a book on my face. Check out all my articles.

William Y.

Marketing manager, editor, and author. I am a bookkaholic who stays up into dawn reading, wakes up groggy and grabs another book to make myself feel human again. I am an avid outdoors-man, but find myself behind a computer more than outdoors these days. I try not to tell many people this, but I really liked the Star Wars book series... Check out all my articles.