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Book Promotion is never easy for an author self-published or traditionally published. We hope to make that easier for you while lowering your budget. We offer a few suggestions to help you get on the right track. We always accept book trailers for authors wanting to get more exposure for their books. We also accept book reviews (though these aren’t always accepted by our writers). We do our best to support new authors, but don’t always succeed so we have some other paid options for authors that help keep costs low. These include viral book giveaways, custom book promotions, author interviews, author book debates, guest articles and more.

Viral Book Giveaways - Book Promotion

Book Promotion

We are more than welcome to host your book giveaway. We do our best to make your book giveaway as viral as possible. Our contest are viral for sharing information about your book

Our contest is ran by having the winner chosen by receiving the most points. Points are earned by sharing your contest. You can earn followers on Twitter, Facebook, and email. You receive all the email addresses of the people who entered your contest for future marketing endeavors. This can greatly increase the size of your reach for future books. your contest may be included in our header and on the sidebar of most pages. The greater the reward you offer the greater entries you will receive and that will later build your readership. Therefore, we recommend you throw in a kindle with a copy of your book on it. Message us for pricing.

Custom Book Promotions or Related Promotions

We love to do special requests if they are creative or tickle our fancy.  Being creative is something we pride ourselves on and helping you create a custom creative promotion for your book or reader service is our pleasure. We can count these as anything from hosting book giveaways on our site, to books related to your book (while promoting your book), to anything else your mind can think of for a book promotion. We would be happy to work with you to create a Facebook contest, giveaways, viral videos, viral image campaigns, etc.

Fill out the form below if you are interested.

Sponsored Posts or Sponsored Book Reviews

We accept sponsored posts and reviews from promoters wanting to advertise on the site. Your sponsored post will read like this: ‘This is the title of your post: Sponsored Post’. We only accept quality sponsored posts that provide quality information to our audience while also giving exposure to your site or service. We write a sponsored post at no cost for you or you can right it yourself, but we may not accept a sponsored post you write and require rewriting.

Sponsored Book Reviews are also done honestly. Despite being paid for, we will review your book and write a review for it. Our review will be unbiased and the reviewer will not know it is a sponsored post. The rating given will be unchangeable and final. We do not remove poor reviews for any reason. Please contact us for information about free reviews.

All posts will be at least 500 words in length and can be tailored around a keyword or phrase. Message us for more details and pricing.

Book Promotions

If you are interested in advertising on our site please see our Book Advertising Page.


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