Did someone say free books? You want to get some free books? Yes, we said book giveaway. This sounds like a pretty sweet deal right? It is important to get your ears to the ground about new book giveaways and we want to help you do that. Below are the giveaways we are hosting and passing along info about. Take a look and learn how to join in the giveaway in order to get some new books. Some are ebooks and some are paperbacks. Either way you’ll love reading these books: just off the press, self-published, classics, or re-inspired sensations!

Book giveaways are a great way to help authors spread the word about their books. Most authors ask for honest reviews as a favor for giving free books to readers. Others just ask for an email address in order to let you know about their next books. Don’t think it is a free ride, buddy! Most authors expect something in return, but some don’t. Read the details of the offer for what they expect you to give back. If you can’t commit, then you probably shouldn’t join the book giveaway. If you can commit then you are in free book zone and gonna get some goodies.

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