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More Great Books like Unwind: A Book List

Books like UnwindBooks Like Unwind

Interested in finding some more books like Unwind by Neal Shusterman? Welcome to the list that will get you going in the right direction. Unwind is difficult to compare to other books, but has elements of many other books. This is how we built the list. The first place to look would be Hunger Games which is an obvious choice in giving you the same feeling of the book, but there are others. I decided that some newer and more independent books may strike your fancy.


Ashfall by Mike Mullin takes place in Yellowstone Park where a natural disaster is brewing. Although this diverts a little from the fantasy of Unwind it still has lots to offer in being a thrilling book. It’s 3.9 rating on Goodreads is nothing to scoff at either.

The Declaration

The Declaration by Gemma Malley is a great post-apocalyptic book that will fit on your shelf. Set in a world where people live longer and having children is illegal, it has action adventure. I’ve heard some people feel it starts slow, but builds later on. It’s 3.7 rating on Goodreads means it does have something to offer and it’s worth your time to dive into.


Birthmarked is a series by Caragh M. O’Brien which has harsh contrasts between the those inside the enclave and those outside in this post-apocalyptic novel series. With a 3.9 rating on Goodreads it is sure to get you going and keep you interested. Give it a read and a rating. If you don’t think it hit the bill, let me know.


With just over a 4 rating on Goodreads this book is one of the top competitors to be a book like Unwind by Alexander Gordon Smith. A group of inmates try to escape one of the most horrifying prisons on Earth. This one is sure to keep you awake and moving on to the next one in the series.

Here are some other lists for books like Unwind that may spark you interest.

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