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Thank you for your interest in writing for Bookkaholic! Currently we are looking to hire 2 regular writers and we welcome writers who would like to contribute to the site as guests. Guest writers are not paid, and do not have to contribute a specific number of articles per week. If you have an idea for an article you’d like to write, please email your pitch and three writing samples to: main (at) bookkaholic.com

Bookkaholic is an online magazine dedicated to providing online readers with quality, interesting, unique, and humorous content about books, book trends, the book industry, and reading in general. We love reading, and discovering new books, and we think there a lot of other people out there who do, too. We’re looking for writers who take joy in reading, and want to share their enthusiasm. Articles about the death of publishing, or how nobody reads anymore probably aren’t a good fit for us. Articles discussing the top ten funniest books you’ve ever read, or an interview with an undiscovered new writer probably are.

In addition to articles about books, we offer honest and unbiased book reviews. We are especially interested in reviews of books published by independent publishing houses, or those that are self-published. If you love to write about books, and want to expand your writing career, Bookkaholic is a good place to start!

Our Values

  • We are passionate about reading and writing.
  • We are a team of writers working together.
  • We are constantly seeking out new ways to bring readers great content about books.
  • We want to challenge people’s beliefs about books.
  • We write new articles that entertain and excite readers.
  • We write honest and unbiased articles and reviews.
  • We publish great cartoons that make you smile or make you think.

What Can You Write About?

We are looking for great articles that somehow relate to books: writing, reading, movies based on books, etc. Within that framework, our goal is to give our writers the freedom to write about topics that interest them. If you’ve got a great idea about books, then we want to hear it!

Our magazine is organized into columns. When you pitch your ideas, please tell us where you think they would fit:

  • What We Are Reading: A column about books that we love (or love to hate), including reviews, essays, and book discussions.
  • Fresh Ink: General articles and interviews related to books, reading, and writing.
  • Book Debate: Written conversations between two writers discussing the merits of a book, or another book related topic.
  • The Blurbs: Funny, over the top reviews (positive or negative) that are 3 sentences or less. Our writers start a blurb on a selected book, and readers are then encouraged to respond with their own blurbs for the same book.
  • Book Trailers: These videos, some created by us and some by authors, give our readers a fun preview of new books. Let us know if you want to help create trailers, or know of any that we should be posting.
  • Help Me, Bookkaholic!: Our version of an advice column. Readers write in with their book-related questions, and we do our best help. If you’d like to be a guest advice-giver, let us know!

How to Apply

To apply, send an email to main (at) bookkaholic (dot) com and provide 3 writing samples, list any websites or magazines where you are currently writing, and 1-3 unique pitches for Bookkaholic. Include the subject line ‘Bookkaholic Writer’.

How Do You Get Paid?

Bookkaholic authors get to share 60% of the ad revenues from the magazine. In order to be a paid author, you must contribute 1-4 articles per week. At the end of each month, 50% of the revenues are shared among everyone based on the number of articles that each person wrote. The remaining 10% of author money is reserved for the top 2 articles each week, based on the number of article views.

All payments are processed via Paypal, on the 5th of each month. We are open to showing you how the payments work, so let us know if you want more details during any given month.

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