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Pregnancy and Children Stories

Welcome to the pregnancy and children stories. As we all know, pregnancy and children are not easy for any parent. There is cravings, pain, and learning for everyone. We have collected 20 great stories to show the world and hope you enjoy these stories and learn from them.

Pregnancy and Children Stories

In November, last year Bookkus Publishing hosted a pregnancy and short story contest. This contest brought together 20 writers who wrote pregnancy and children stories to lift the spirit of mothers and parents to be. Bookkaholic Magazine has agreed to host the winners for display to the world. Hopefully everyone going through pregnancy can relate with these stories. Come take a look through them and see if there is anything you like.

First Place

Ready or Not by R.A. Long

Second Place

My Father, the Millionaire by: Travis Turner

Third Place

Is This The Future? By: Stephen C. Ormsby

The Rest of the Pregnancy and Children Stories (in random order)

Those were the cream of the crop as chosen by readers. Below are all the other stories. While they didn’t live up to the ones above, they are still pretty interesting.

Hope you enjoy the Pregnancy and Children Stories.

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