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Review: The Great Cat Nap by A.M. Bostwick

She’s beautiful. She’s charming. She’s a star. But there’s this thing: Ruby the Russian is missing. Oh, and there is something else you should know: she’s a cat. A.M. Bostwick takes the standard detective novel and creates some...
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YA Book Trends in 2014

Stay on top of YA book trends in 2014! Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, trendy books and themes have their moments in the spotlight. Past trends, such as vampires and co-authored books, are out and new trends are i...
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5 New YA Spring 2014 Releases

Spring has sprung, and the weather is perfect for reading one of the new YA Spring 2014 Releases! Whether you want to start a new series, venture into the past, or cry all the tears, these are the books at the top of Bookkaholi...

What's New in YA?

Page to Screen: A Bookkaholic’s Review of the Divergent Movie

I’ve been super excited about all of the YA novels being made into films this year, and Divergent has been one of the most hyped franchises to hit the silver screen. The moment has finally arrived; Divergent hit theaters ...
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New Frontiers: The Space Alien Books Trend in YA

TO INFINITY…AND BEYOND! YA novels are increasingly exploring the worlds beyond earth. Unlike the strictly technological science fiction novels of the past, modern YA space novels combine the novelty of space with a contem...

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Review: The Registry by Shannon Stoker

The Registry saved America after a series of wars and conflicts left the country shattered. Women are valued above men, with daughters being the ideal outcome of a marriage. From a young age, daughters are priced for marriage. ...
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The 2014 Printz Winner Has Finally Been Announced!

The 2014 Printz Winner has finally arrived! Last week, the American Library Association announced the 2014 Printz winner and four Printz Honor books at the Youth Media Awards celebration. There were a few surprises, and only on...
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boxers and saints
boxers and saints
boxers and saints

Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang

Boxers and Saints is a pair of graphic novels revealing two different perspectives of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion. Though each is technically an independent work of fiction, they work best when read and sold together. Boxers is...

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Sex and Violence by Carrie Mesrobian

Clearly this novel is pushing the envelope with a particularly shocking title, but stay with me. Sex and Violence by Carrie Mesrobian is a well-written coming-of-age tale that was recently nominated for the American Library Ass...
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Tara’s 10 Predictions for the 2014 Printz Award

The 2014 Printz Awards will be announced exactly one week from today at the American Library Association’s Mid-Winter Meeting in Philadelphia, along with the other winners of Youth Media Awards (the Caldecott, the Newbery, Morr...