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Bedtime by: Stephanie Parke


By: Stephanie Parke

The sound of the last video dies down as I shut the phone off. I tuck the blankets in around my little boy’s sweet shoulders as he gently snores. I brush the hair back from his small forehead and he grumbles in his sleep, irritated at being disturbed. He rolls over and cuddles his favorite Mickey Mouse toy; the one he takes with him everywhere, his beautiful face so like my own that it’s scary.  He kicks his blanket off, his little legs still chubby with baby weight; work busily to free himself. He reaches for my hand begging me to say a minute longer in his sweet, sleepy little boy voice. I smile and lean down tucking him back in as I give him one last kiss.  I smile again as he slowly lets my hand go as he slips off to sleep.

His brother sleeps above in the upper twin bed and I have to stand on the ladder to see his face. His beautiful face is so like my husband’s in the muted light. He too has kicked off his blankets but he clutches his favorite stuffed tiger to him. It has been his constant companion since he was two, and although now he is nine he is still my little boy. He still reaches for my hand when we walk and rushes to tell me about his day and I know he might not do this much longer so I cherish every moment. I know he doesn’t need me as much as he used to but I hope as he moves forward he will still come to me for advice and need me as his friend. 

For now though they both sleep and I blow them both one last kiss as I creep across the creaky wooden floors and sneak out. I give them one last look as I pull the door shut and slip away into the darkness. I smile as their gentle snores and little boy shuffling comes through the door. I close my eyes and thank god for them, knowing that for tonight they are safe at home with us, and I am the luckiest woman on earth.


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