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O M G ! by: Yvonne Phillips


By: Yvonne Phillips

They used to give me heartburn,backache and pain.now they give me headaches,heartaches and strain. They used to be easy,gentle and sweet.
Now i just feel though im swept off my feet.
I dressed them so nicely, in pink or in blue, now they look like they may have  escaped from a zoo!
It’s mom tell him, or mom tell her, every time a row occurs.
im buzzing like a bumble bee, acting like a referee. 

Impossible to get out of bed, complaining of an aching head.
But once to late to go to school.
the headaches gone, so they refuel.
So you survive into their teens,
Dry their tears and hear their dreams.
Then it happens,your worst fears,
Your lovely child just dissapears.
Replaced by some obnoxious oik,
who grunts and growls or lose their voice.
All spots and hormones.
Out all night..
begging for a motorbike.
Or you may get the devils daughter.
Dresses like you never taught her.
This can either be good or bad,grungy goth or spoilt brat.
all eyeliner will dissapear.
piercings anywhere but her ears.
abut then it gets much worse you see.
The brat develops PMT!
You plod along a best you can.
Then the brat she finds a man.
Although he may not be much use,
They manage then to reproduce.
The son he takes himself a wife,
and settles down to married life.
Along come grandkids two or three.
Who know they’ll get the better of me.
I’m older now and think I’m wise.
It starts again, but I’ll survive!


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