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Spoiled Milk by: Sarah Ronchak

Spoiled Milk

By: Sarah Ronchak

You would think my daughter, of who is almost eleven years old, would take the cake on the most embarrassing mommy moment of my life right?  Wrong! This little sixteen month old man of mine takes the cake.  Now before the disgusting gets going, that will make any mother question what she would do in this situation, a little understanding of why I would endure such humility needs to be addressed.  I had this dermatologist appointment schedule for my daughter for over six months.  On the day of the appointment, I had given my son a cup of milk before we left to pick his sister up early from school to go to this appointment.  A half hour drive to the doctor’s office, a short elevator ride up to the second floor to check in and blaht all over himself, my shirt and the floor just as I was talking to the lady checking us in.  I just stood there not knowing what to do!  It smelt so bad that I was trying to to throw up then too.  The lady was trying to tell me where the bathroom was and I was so frozen I was not really listening as I just did not know what to do.  My shirt was soaked full of white liquid, filled with his breakfast and lunch!  All I could think about was what are we going to wear now?  I hadn’t packed any extra clothing for the baby, thank God it was seventy degrees out that day, and I sure never pack any extra clothes for myself as why would something like this ever happen?  My daughter said she had a sweatshirt out in my car and went to get it.  Meanwhile, in the bathroom I was cleaning both of us up the best I could.  We ended up making it through the appointment only to find out this was not just a bad cup of milk like I thought…it was a twenty-four hour stomach bug that I ended up getting the next day!

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