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Baby Name Blues by: Kathryn Casey

Baby Name Blues

By: Kathryn Casey

As any expectant mother will tell you, the nine months before your little bundle of joy comes into the world can be full of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and a lot of to-do lists.  You’ve got to get the baby’s room set up, convince your significant other that putting the crib together is not rocket science and the instructions that came in the box are correct (try to figure out just where that last screw fits in), manage work, home, the impending expenses, set up the college fund before it’s too late and squirt is stuck flipping burgers because mommy and daddy didn’t plan ahead…oh yes, and don’t forget, you’ve got to decide on a name (you didn’t really think you’d get away with squirt forever, did you?).

I’m about six months pregnant and last week we found out our little bun in the oven is of the female variety.  This means we can look forward to boy problems, makeup, the fact that Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake have apparently turned into hot pants and halter top wearing teenagers, and all of the joys that accompany the raising of a girl today.  Oh yes, and it means the one name we actually agreed on, a boy’s name, is out the window.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not keen on naming my little girl Brian.  SO, back to the drawing board it is. 

The list started out short, but come on, this is the kid’s name for life (at least, let’s hope she approves enough to keep it that long)!  What goes into a good name anyhow?  Is it family history?  Should I name her after my great grandmother Zora from the old country, or should we give her the luxury of grandma’s name, when grandma isn’t even particularly fond of it?  Of course, the first and last names should go together, and then there’s the whole issue of a middle name to contend with?. Our last name is matter-of-factly Irish, so wouldn’t it be odd to call her, say Giovanna?  It just wouldn’t work.  And of course, we don’t want anything too kitschy or cutesy, so Stacy Casey and Cassie Casey are out of the running.

The baby naming web sites and books are of no help either.  The world can only handle so many Jessicas, Madelines, and Hannahs.   And if I believe what I read, naming her Addison or Rebecca will ensure her a spot as CEO and major corporate power-player, while Betty and Paris will spend their nights partying with a bottle of Tequila.    There is even a book that claims the Ediths and Justines of the world are doomed to be undertakers.  I kid you not!  I just settled on the colors of the nursery, I’m not ready to determine her career at this point.

So, with a few more months to go, the list continues to grow, and then shrink back down as we rule out names that are too long, too prissy, or just not us.  I have my favorites, and then they change, and the husband has been remaining in neutral territory, meaning that, should I make a mistake and the little girl complains that her name is “un-cool,” there will only be me to blame.  Let the fun begin!

 About Kathryn Casey

She left corporate world to pursue writing dreams.  She is a mom of a two year old, with another due in January.  On her way to turning her dreams of making her own hours, doing what she loves, and sharing my world through writing with the public!
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