Wikipedia says, “A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers to promote books and encourage readers.” We think about the same as them, but we think not all book trailers are equal and want to show you the best and the most exciting. We’ve got authors submitting new ones everyday and I know that they will help you find your way to the best book available. Come take a look and find some great videos and add your own ratings!

We’ve got book trailers for you and we’ve rated them as well. Come take a look through our gallery of book trailers. We’ve noticed that the world is being flooded by book trailers and you need a better way to sort your way through them. Book trailers are slowly being on of the best ways to find new books and sell them as well. People love visual sales and visualizing a book’s characters helps us choose the best books to read. So come browse. Look at the best and look at the worst. Comments and add your own ratings against ours. If by popular demand our ratings are wrong, we can adjust! Or we can ignore (sometimes we are just jerks).

Book Trailers

From Flickr by Omar Omar

If you are looking for more than just videos we also have book reviews in ‘What Should I Read Next‘ and general book interest articles in ‘Fresh Ink‘. Book debates are a fun way to see a great book argument and don’t forget to see out book advice column. We really are bookaholics and love books. We hope you get as much out of our magazine as we do, because we are always here reading about books and learning more. Enjoy.


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