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Heist School Freshmen - Book Trailer


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Synopsis: Angelo Bastillo has just started high school, and already his life is over: dumped by the girl he's been crushing on for years, hating every class, terrorized by twin bullies, and forced to consult a suicide line in lieu of therapy by his overprotective (and cheap) father. Then he and his friends Drew Wales and Lionel "Porno Name" Tang stumble upon a secret cache of dirty money that could make them rich, if they could only get at it. With a crew of specialists from school (cracker, hacker, grifter and muscle) plus the suspect assistance of a mysterious senior known only as The Saint, Angelo plans an incredible heist to pull off the big score. But can he finish the job and still manage to finish freshman year?
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This well-made video gets you interested quickly.

Posted January 13, 2014 by

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I loved this book trailer. It is short, interesting, and catchy. Everything you want from a well-made trailer. This book has received really great ratings on Amazon and has shown some promise. Maybe this is the next book for you?


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Alan Gallauresi is the author of the young adult crime adventure Heist School Freshmen and co-author of the upcoming self-help book You’re Already Rich! A Self Help Guide to Making Billions with Time Travel. He is currently writing the sequel to Heist School Freshmen, entitled Heist School Sophomores: The Longest Con. Any similarities to people he went to high school with are purely coincidental. He currently resides in Maryland with his partner Angelica and their daughter Vivien.

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