I see you read ‘Twilight’ and you are wondering what to do next. Well, we’ve got a book advice column. We think we are qualified to give you the advice you need to solve your book related problems. Our writers fell into radioactive waste as young children and gained super book psychology powers that allow them to solve your book problems and give the best book advice in the industry (no sources cited). Unfortunately, this toxic waste has also reduced their life expectancy dramatically (uh-oh). Therefore, we recommend you ask your book advice before it is too late (and we have to hire new writers).

Book Advice

Book Advice by dichohecho from Flickr

Readers write in with their book-related questions, and we do our best help. If you’d like to be a guest advice-giver, let us know! Book advice is hard to come by and we know that you need more of it. Most people think advice that isn’t asked for is not needed, so we are always asking you to submit your book problems. From broken kindles to ‘Twilight’ sickness, we believe we can help you. Take a look at the problems we have solved so far (below). Or submit a book problem of your own.

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