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Best DIY Books for Home Projects

Just because you are taking on a Do-It-Yourself project doesn’t mean you actually need to do everything all by yourself. We are only human, and so we can only know so much about so many things. Fortunately for DIYers, there are professionals who have taken their time to put their expertise on paper. That means that for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less, you can still get a project done properly and have it look professional. Here are some recommendations for DIY books to help you with your next project, whether it’s as big as adding an addition to your home or something on a smaller scale like brewing your own beer.

DIY New Home Construction

If you are looking to build your own home, update your current structure or create an addition to your home, there are a few books you should look into. Ranking high on the Amazon list of DIY books, Renovation 4th Edition will give you some insight on everything you need to know about starting from scratch or adding to what you’ve already got. The great thing about this book is that it is a collection of interviews with hundreds of professional contractors and architects, and was put together by a man who has contributed to a number of home repair and improvement books.

Other books to consider when taking on larger home structure projects are Black and Decker Codes for Homeowners, which covers what goes on inside of the walls, and a style book for decorating the outside of your walls once you’re done putting them up.

DIY Home Repairs

Photo credit: Bobolink via photopin cc

Photo credit: Bobolink via photopin cc

As a homeowner, there are a lot of little things you will need to do year-round to keep your home functioning at its best. From cleaning refrigerator coils to choosing the right screwdriver, Dare to Repair is an all-inclusive home repair guide that will give you all the instruction you need. While this book was written for primarily for a female audience, this book will leave anyone feeling confident enough to perform a task by themselves.

DIY Home De-Cluttering

Believe it or not, you can hire a professional to come clean out and de-clutter your home, but why pay someone to throw out your trash? In no way do I want to diminish the difficulty of cleaning out your home; it can be both physically and emotionally exhausting, but it can be just as rewarding, too. With Miss Minimalist, you will find a collection of essays and articles that are full of tips and advice for de-cluttering your home. The best part? A de-cluttered home creates a de-cluttered and more stress-free life so this DIY book doubles as a self-help book.

DIY Car Repairs

Photo credit: MizGingerSnaps via photopin cc

Photo credit: MizGingerSnaps via photopin cc

Not all DIY projects have to happen inside your home. Whether you want to save $30 every three to six months by learning how to change your own oil or you want to completely rebuild an older car, there are DIY books to help you learn your way around an engine. Between For Dummies and your car’s owner manual, it shouldn’t be too hard to master the simpler aspects of car maintenance.

If you’re doing a bigger job yourself and decide you need a bit of extra help, try looking into educational manuals like Today’s Technician. This book will show you what you need for each project and how to go about completing the job.

DIY Home Brewing

Even before Prohibition, there have been people around the country brewing beer and moonshine in their own backyards. If you are looking for a DIY project that comes with a tasty final product, give home brewing a try. Some beer making kits come with instructions included, but those limit the types of beer you can make and the flavorings you can use.

With a book like Brew It Yourself, you will read about brewing techniques, what ingredients you need and where to find them, as well as countless recipes for not only beer, but also ale, mead and wine. If you are looking for a stronger home brew, The Kings Country Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining will cover the basics of not only making whiskey, but drinking it too.

DIY Garden Creation

Whether you are starting from scratch by building a frame and fence to keep out unwanted critters, or  already have a greenhouse and just need to know the best way to set up a flourishing garden, there is a gardening DIY book for you.

To get the most from your land, check out The Backyard Homestead, which covers everything from growing your own fruits and vegetables to harvesting bees and raising chickens. For those of you with a smaller garden vision, Backyard Winter Gardening gives insight on creating a productive garden in any climate.

DIY Self-Sustained Living

If you are looking to create a self-sustaining life that allows you to escape your dependence on corporations and businesses, check out Country Wisdom and Know-How. This book covers just about everything, with information gathered from everyone from farmers to mountain-men, and every self-reliant outdoorsman in between. Whether you are interested in wood-working or food production, this book will show you how to use the land and the countryside to your benefit.


No matter the size or style of your project, there is undoubtedly a DIY book to help you through it. With a simple online search, you will find countless books and webpages to guide you on your way. Even if you don’t have a project in mind, picking up a DIY book will get your creative juices flowing and give you professional understanding without the professional price tag.

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