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January Book Battle - Reviews in Review

January Book Battle

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Welcome to the first book battle of 2014. January was an epic month on Bookkaholic and we are glad to have you as a part of our first book review battle. Which book review was the best?

In January we had 9 book reviews by 4 authors. These book reviews are the heart and soul of us Bookkaholics. We live and die by these, so we want you to choose the best reviews of the previous month. We don’t really care why you choose them or how, but choose them. We give you two choices. So choose well. Based on the author, the book, the writing, the review rating, or how much you like the cover. Either way, the Bookkaholic who wrote will get a large amount of pride winning this monthly prestigious award. We expect cheating, fighting, and action in these awards. We also expect you to tell us why you chose the one you chose, so make sure those comments are filled out at the bottom of the page.

The poll ends February 14th, so get your votes in!

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