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Romantic Books for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to stock up on romantic literature and recognize those who spend so much time loving you throughout the year. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most romantic books for Valentine’s Day. So whether you’re spending the day curled up at home or out on the town, one thing’s for sure: you’ll have plenty of romantic reading to keep your life full of love.

For the Classic Romantic:

1. Emma by Jane Austen

Emma Jane Austen

Written in the nineteenth century, this classic romantic novel’s themes regarding love and friendship stand the test of time, accurately portraying the complicated emotions of the human heart.

The heroine, Emma Woodhouse, finds she has a knack for matchmaking after successfully encouraging her governess to marry. Using this as her basis for all wisdom in matters of the heart, she seeks to pair her acquaintances up with whoever seems, in her mind, a suitable match. After many hurdles, Emma comes to learn that love can’t always be pushed and sometimes, it’s better if it comes from unexpected places.

2. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights

Also written in the nineteenth century, Wuthering Heights has become one of the most notable romance stories ever written. Full of the tormenting realities of love and loss, readers will need a box of tissues as they read.

Catherine and Heathcliff are unlikely lovers who begin an unbridled love affair at a young age. Consumed by prosperity and advancement, Catherine separates from Heathcliff, though still deeply in love with him, and marries someone who is not of the ‘common’ way. Heathcliff spends the remainder of his life trying to avenge the separation and pain caused by it.

3. The Country of Marriage by Wendell Berry

The Country of Marriage

Written by a contemporary poet, this compilation of poetry appeared in the early 1970s. Perfect for anyone who has an interest in poetry, Wendell Berry’s descriptions of love and nature describe a relationship that is built on the innate characteristics of human beings and the world that surrounds them. You can’t read this beautifully-composed collection without reaching new, life-changing conclusions about the beauty of love and the world.


For the Modern Romantic:

1. First Love by James Patterson

First Love

The title says it all when it comes to this new James Patterson novel. On Barnes and Noble’s Top 100 Best-Selling Books List, it’s no wonder readers are clamoring for it.

The novel follows the story of teenager Axi Moore and her best friend, Robinson. Always quick to do the right thing, Axi tires of life as she knows it and suggests an impulsive road trip across the country with Robinson, with whom she just happens to be in love. A seemingly innocent idea quickly turns sour as the trip spirals downward and the pair dig in too deeply, finding that first love leaves an impression unmatched in future life.

2. Are You My Boyfriend? by C.B. Bryza

are you my boyfriend

A spin-off of the children’s classic Are You My Motherby Dr. Seuss, this cute book follows the tale of a girl who has everything she could desire: self-respect, family and success. The only thing missing is a boyfriend to share it with. The book allows you to journey with her as she meets potential mates and finds out just what life and love have to offer a single woman.

3. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

the marriage plot

This modern story follows the lives of three main character who begin to form a classic love triangle. Madeleine is a smart and empathetic college student who falls in love with someone who is all wrong for her. Leonard is a good looking, classic jock and experiences extreme highs and lows that strengthen and yet separate the pair. Mitchell is the classic good guy, infatuated with Madeleine and the idea of life with her. The three enter and exit one another’s lives so frequently that the end really comes as a surprise.

These titles will surely spice up your Valentine’s Day. So, crank up the heat, pile on the books, and start building the love that surrounds this great holiday.

Courtney Gordner