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3 Perfect Valentine’s Day Reads

Bookkaholics, romance is in the air. As you all hopefully know, Saturday is Valentine’s Day, the annual call for lovers around the world to celebrate their—well—love. You probably have reservations at one of the fancy downtown restaurants, or maybe you are planning a dreamy evening at home, whipping up your own nice meal.

Before Saturday gets here, you need to prepare yourself for your big evening. There is no better way to get ready for Valentine’s Day than to dive into a romantic book, of course. So, I’ve searched my shelves and come up with three offerings that will hopefully get you ready for the upcoming weekend.

Here are three novels that are sure to fill your heart with that sweet stuff:

16181775The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Perhaps you’ve heard of this one. If you like nerdy oddballs, chances are high that you probably have. The Rosie Project is about a genetics professor named Don Tillman. Don is very Sheldon-esque (The Big Bang Theory), which means he’s brilliant, hilarious, and socially disastrous. Don, thinking that life is one big science project, crafts a “Wife Project” to find his mate. Rosie Jarman enters Don’s life, and things get very complicated. If you want to read a book that is fun and (mostly) nice, check out The Rosie Project. You’ll be glad you did. If you already have read it, then get the sequel, The Rosie Effect.



Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell15795357

Young love is really sweet. It’s special, too. Remember those fleeting days of high school when you just knew you’d found your one true love? I’m not being sarcastic either. Maybe you did meet your other half in a narrow, crowded hallway on your way to math class. Or maybe you met that special somebody on the school bus. If so, you absolutely must read Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. Eleanor is the new girl at school. She has wild red hair. Her sweaters don’t get her the good kind of attention. Basically, her life at school is bad. Then, Park, a comic-reading outcast, enters the picture. At first, he avoids Eleanor, but, soon, he comes to know her as more than the school’s newest weirdo. They begin sharing music, comics, and ideas. They fall hard, and it’s a sincere bond that they share. The novel takes some very dark turns, so be prepared, but the love story at the center is perfect.



The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

Okay, I get it. Henriquez’s novel isn’t really what we typically think of when we think of love stories. It’s a dark narrative. People are bullied because they are different. They face hardships that are difficult to fathom. Bad things continually happen. But, and stay with me here, The Book of Unknown Americans is also about how love can help us survive. Love lifts our spirits, and it makes us want to continue. Mayor and Maribel are our young characters who fall in love. Maribel suffers from a serious brain injury, but Mayor doesn’t let that hinder his interest in her. She opens up to him, and she gradually improves. In a novel that is about finding hope and happiness, this young love story is truly inspirational. If you like literary fiction and want something that’ll make you happy, I suggest The Book of Unknown Americans.


There you have it—three perfectly romantic books for Valentine’s Day. What do you plan on reading this week? Sound off in our comments.

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Bradley Sides holds an M.A. in English. His fiction appears in numerous print and online journals. He is a staff writer for Bookkaholic and a frequent contributor to Drunk Monkeys. He resides in Florence, Alabama, with his wife, and he is working on securing a release date for his debut novel, Leaving Today.