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The Fault in Our Stars Movie

The Fault in Our Stars is among the most popular books of the current century. Fans love it and have felt a deep connection with it since its release. Personally, I had the book on pre-order for well over a month before it came out and finished it on the day of its release. Ordinary folks aren’t the only ones drawn to Hazel and Gus’ love story. Critics also admire it. Time selected John Green’s latest novel as the best fiction book of 2012. That accolade helped The Fault in Our Stars break out from the YA genre classification, and made hesitant adults want to read it, too.

By now, who hasn’t read it? It’s everywhere, and it’s adored. The story, as you hopefully know, is about Hazel and Gus, two teenagers with terminal cancer. But the story isn’t really about their cancer; instead, it’s about their love. It’s about Hazel and Gus living lives that are good, joyful, and essentially hopeful. Like so many good books, The Fault in Our Stars was optioned for a motion picture. And finally, on June 6, 2014, the movie hit theaters. Like the book, the film, too, was a success, with Shailene Woodley stepping in as Hazel and Ansel Elgort playing Gus. It’s been a few good months since then, but with the blu-ray’s release a few days ago, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the five best moments from the movie version of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

**Warning: This is a spoiler zone, so don’t go any further if you haven’t read (or watched) The Fault in Our Stars yet!**  

5. Hazel’s Narration:

It only makes sense for a film that is based on a novel to include some type of narration. I like that it’s subtle, especially throughout the middle of the feature. The quick bits at the beginning and end are just great. Her words are frequently sad, but they are honest and somehow hopeful.

Key moment of Hazel’s narration:  “This is the truth. Sorry.” (at the 1:00 mark)


4. Hazel’s Mom:

In a lot of stories about young adults, the parents get the shaft. I love how the parents in The Fault in Our Stars are not only present, but they are necessary. Hazel’s mom, played by the always wonderful Laura Dern, is one of my favorite characters. She is kind, afraid, funny, and caring. While she is not the one suffering with cancer, she has her own struggles. The Fault in Our Stars acknowledges that parents have to deal, too.

Key moment #1 for Hazel’s mom:  “Hey. Make some friends.” (at the 6:25 mark)
Key moment #2 for Hazel’s mom:  Hazel’s mom’s response to the call about Gus (at the 1:45:30 mark)


3.  Gus and Hazel’s differing perspectives/personalities:

Opposites attract. It might seem clichéd, but it’s the truth in The Fault in Our Stars. Gus is the optimist, admitting to Hazel soon after he meets her, “I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend.” His biggest fear is fading into oblivion. His kindness and friendly personality, he thinks, might make people remember him after he’s gone. Hazel is a pessimist, quickly telling Gus that oblivion is a guarantee. Hazel’s depression consumes her until she meets Gus. As the story progresses, they begin to give in a bit to match the other’s personality. Again, this is a realistic tale.

Key moment of their differing perspectives:  The talk about oblivion (around the 9:00 mark)


2.  Hazel and Gus’ Firsts:

The teenage years are a time when many of us experience our first adventure in several categories. Hazel and Gus are no different. The Fault in Our Stars shows us Gus’ hilarious first experience with flying. Then, we see their first time drinking. Next, we see their first sexual encounter. The film works so well in each of these scenarios because the moments seem sincere. Woodley and Elgort are excellent actors, and their nervous approach to the material in these scenes is realistic.

Key moment of Hazel and Gus’ firsts:  The dinner in Amsterdam, especially when Gus explains to Hazel that he loves her (around the 55:00 mark).


1.  Their Love

With The Fault in Our Stars being a love story, the fact that their love is the strongest part of the film makes sense. Gus protects Hazel. Hazel opens up to Gus. They laugh. They share secrets. Together, they cry. The way they talk to one another is sentimental without being mushy. It all seems so unrehearsed. Truly, this is one of the best love stories I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Key moment of their love and the entire movie:  When Gus sees Hazel in her blue dress (around the 53:30 mark).


The Fault in Our Stars is filled with memorable scenes because it’s a great movie, and it’s based on an equally great book. The ending is sad. Very, very sad. Please don’t let the inevitable ending turn you away. The Fault in Our Stars is a film that asks us to consider how we fill our lives. Is it with the pursuit of happiness? Or is it with the dread of tomorrow?

So, Bookkaholics, what’s your favorite scene? Did you enjoy The Fault in Our Stars as much as I did? Chime in below.

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