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You Won’t Believe Some Of The People Who Are Actually Published Novelists

Most people think that publishing a book is a major accomplishment, and in most cases, it is. However, apparently it doesn’t take as much talent to write a book as most people would think. At least, not the people who made this list.

There are some people out there who are published novelists that you would never imagine in a million years. Some of them are actors, some are musicians and some are violent individuals. So if you’re looking for some reading material, or if you simply want to be wowed by this list, check out the following five surprising people who are actually published novelists.

A Mothers Gift cover

1. Britney Spears

Britney Spears earned her fame through music, and like most musicians, she also wanted to try her hand at other creative venues. She tried out acting in the movie Crossroads and also decided to try writing. In 2001, Britney Spears published a book with her mom Lynne, titled A Mother’s Gift. The book didn’t need much creativity on Spears’ part, though, as it’s about a young girl whose desire to become a musician takes her from rags to riches.

2. Isla Fisher

You are most likely to know Isla Fisher from her role as the sex-crazed sister in Wedding Crashers, but before she became a major movie star, she was a published author. In fact, Fisher was only 19 when her first book, Seduced by Fame, was published. She also published another book, Bewitched, the following year, but has since stopped writing due to her acting schedule.

3. Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie has had an extensive acting career for several decades, but his most notorious role is that of Dr. House on the TV show House. But even though he has earned celebrity status, working as Dr. House didn’t put his dreams of becoming an author on hold. Instead, he found the time to publish a book, The Gun Seller. It is also rumored that Laurie plans on writing a sequel to this book as well.

Paradise Alley

4. Sylvester Stallone

Some people may not believe that Sylvester Stallone has what it takes to write a book. After all, they just see him as Rocky. What most people don’t know is that Sylvester Stallone actually wrote the script for Rocky. Since the movie was so successful, Stallone decided to write a novel, and thus Paradise Alley was born. Trying to piggyback off the Rocky fame, Stallone turned Paradise Alley into a movie in 1978; however, it flopped.

5. Saddam Hussein

Apparently being President of Iraq and a sworn enemy to the USA wasn’t enough for Saddam Hussein’s resume. Instead, he decided to add novelist to his list of “accomplishments” as well. And no, he didn’t decide to write a tell-all memoir of his experiences — he decided to be creative in not one, but four, novels. Saddam Hussein’s novels include Zabibah and the King; The Fortified Castle; Men and the City; and Begone, Demons.

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