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Books for Summer Reading: Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

books for summer reading
books for summer reading
books for summer reading


Highlights: Airplanes!
Synopsis: Leah is tossed into a situation fraught with blackmail, fake romance, lots of partying, fights, tornadoes, stolen kisses, and a really confusing love triangle-esque relationship two (handsome) boys while working for the summer as a pilot flying banners over the beach.
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Light, fun, and sexy with a strong female protagonist.


You'll have to suspend belief a bit to wrap your head around the plot.

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Looking for books for summer reading? Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols is the perfect adrenaline-filled, sexy, fun summer book for your beach bag.

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books for summer reading

Such a Rush: Summary

Such A Rush is the story of Leah Jones, a poor teenager who grow up watching the airplanes flying over her various homes in trailer parks. Her mom is never around, she rarely has enough to eat and doesn’t have a car, but she watches those airplanes and wants to fly. She walks to the local airport and gets a job working in the office…which leads to a flying lesson…which leads to more lessons…which leads to a job flying banners over the beach during spring break.

While working at the airport, Leah has come to see her boss, Mr. Hall, as a kind of father figure. Mr. Hall helps her out with discounts and gives her a chance to live her dream of becoming a pilot, but Leah believes her dream is over when Mr. Hall passes away. The airport is left to his twin sons, good-boy Alec and the wild-child Grayson. Leah is suddenly wrapped up in a situation fraught with some blackmail, fake romance, lots of partying, fights, tornadoes, stolen kisses, and a really confusing relationship with with both boys. Toss in her rich friend, Molly, and a heaping teaspoon of conflict with ex-boyfriend, Mark, and you’ve got a lot of drama.


Maybe you’ve never thought much about those airplanes flying banners over the beach, but this will make you see them in a whole new light. Jennifer Echols adds an element of sexy adrenaline to each page and each description that I have not seen in many YA novels. While Such a Rush is definitely chick-lit, it’s chick-lit with a bad-ass side. It’s a fast and fun read.

One of the most impressive elements in the novel is how well Echols can craft a setting. Readers will feel the sticky, hazy summer days on the rural South Carolina beaches. It’s not hard to picture the girls in cut-off jeans, boys with beads of sweat on their foreheads, and the reflection of the horizon on Leah Jones’ aviators.

So grab your glass of lemonade and leave your fear of heights in the car. Toss Such A Rush in with your books for summer reading.

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