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Ready to Blow your Mind? Best Books of 2014

2014 - The Best Books and Articles

With 2015 almost upon us and 2014 expiring soon we must review the past and look to the future.

In 2014, we had 38,224 people visit our site with 70,346 pages viewed. That is a lot of people, right? We hope to get an even bigger number for next year as Bookkaholism continues to spread throughout the population.

We also think that, despite warnings, Bookkaholism should start early in a person’s life. We find that the earlier Bookkaholism starts the more likely children are to become raging Bookkaholics in the future. This is typically not a negative thing despite the late nights, baggy eyes and pawning of bel0ngings to support book purchases and multiple library cards. But remember to drive responsibly during the holidays and  don’t read and drive.


Bookkaholic’s Most Read Posts of 2014:

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The Best Books of 2014

Best Books of 2014: Mystery & Suspense

Best Books of 2014: Fiction

Best Books of 2014: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Best Books of 2014: Nonfiction

The State of Publishing 2014 and 2015
Happy New Year!

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