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Happy Anniversary! Bookkaholic’s 1st Birthday

It is now officially one year that Bookkaholic has been growing, learning and becoming one of the best literary magazines on the web. We have got so many awesome writers. Our readers are getting more active and interested in us. We love writing about books and hope you come to visit us more often. It wasn’t easy bringing together this gifted group of literary lions, but I am sure glad I did. Our posts are always fun and enjoyable. They give you access to new books and new authors. I really hope that as time goes forward we continue to be an access point for you to find new books.

Did you know?

In our first year we had over 50,000 people visit our site. With over 99,000 articles read. Not bad for a first year, but we really hope to boost this higher in the next year and see if we can break six digits. We wrote 81 book reviews, posted 36 book trailers, and 232 articles about books over the last 12 months. We are still looking for more writers, so tell a friend, a colleague, or your pet dog.


Our Best - Most Read is at the Top

  1. Book Debate: The Orphan Master’s Son by Rebecca
  2. I was a Pre-teen Book Nerd in the 90′s by Chantelle
  3. Love The Hunger Games Movie? What to Read While Waiting for Catching Fire  by Tara
  4. John Green: A Primer  by Tara
  5. 3 Interesting Books by Authors Who Think Outside the Box  by Chantelle
  6. Advice for Writing a YA Dystopian Trilogy (If You Must)  by Tara
  7. The Voices in My Headphones: Listening to Audiobooks on the Go  by Tara
  8. A Reading List of Popcorn Dystopia  by Lauren
  9. Assorted Flora: 5 Books for Spring Reading  by Chantelle
  10. Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger  by Tara

What would you like to see from Bookkaholic in 2014 and 2015?

How have you liked Bookkaholic in the first year?

What was your favorite post from Bookkaholic in the past year?

Thanks for reading.

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