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Books to Better Yourself in 2014

At the close of a year, many people spend some time reflecting on all that has occurred in their lives over the course of the past 12 months. Some may be celebrating their accomplishment of last year’s resolutions, while others are considering putting the ones they just couldn’t quite get to on a new list for the coming year. Regardless of where you stand in the process, it’s necessary to recognize the importance of putting together these lists. It shows where you’ve been and gives you a clear look into whether you have any gaps in your trek towards self-improvement.

As you’re looking through these lists and checking off what you’ve done, remember that self-improvement often happens over long periods of time. They’re usually spent intentionally in the areas you wish to improve. This means that if you aren’t working on the area specifically, you can’t expect much improvement. Whether your goal is fiscal responsibility, weight loss, or spending more time with your family, one of the greatest things you can do to ensure success is to come up with a list of books that will help you in the process.

December to January is a great time to begin making a list of books to complement your life goals in 2014. The following list contains some of the world’s top books in many of the areas that people most wish to improve when they’re making up their resolutions. Use these suggestions to build your resolutions and better yourself in 2014.


Become financially fit and fiscally responsible with Brian O’Connor’s book, The $1000 Challenge, which was released in late 2013. The book speaks to his family’s need to lower their monthly costs in ten weeks. Read how they managed to do it and see if you can be a savings spender this year. For more on this recent title and on the challenge, check out his recent interview with Business Insider.



If you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to relationships and love, you may find some great aid in Sue Johnson’s new release, Love Sense. It’s scheduled to come out on New Year’s Eve. The book uses research to explain why humans need loving relationships and what you can do to make them successful.


Technological advances are always happening at a speed which most of us can’t compete. Learn to be competent in new technology with Eric Taub’s Does This Plug into That? With a title like this, you’re sure to find yourself wowing your family and friends with the knowledge that you can in fact tell the difference between a floppy disk and construction management software.


Diet and Exercise

You know that time you said you wanted to lose weight? Was it ten years ago? Learn how to make your dreams into goals and your goals into reality with Tom Veneto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. For more information on the concepts he uses to stay fit, check out his fitness blog, Burn the Fat.


If you’ve always wanted to open a business or are currently an owner of a small business, learn the best way to get your business going with a small budget. The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau, will give you the inspiration you need to take control of your dreams and finally make the jump into your own business. Think Entrepreneurship also has more interesting reads on developing your business.

As you head into this New Year full of new possibilities and experiences, be sure to check out these titles to help you improve the way you live in 2014.

Courtney Gordner