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Bookkaholic Q&A: Favorite Spot for Winter Reading

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this weeks question

In honor of the POLAR VORTEX:
“Where is your favorite spot for winter reading?”




In Los Angeles where I live, winters are rainy, which produces one of my favorite sounds. It never gets all that cold, so I find great pleasure in leaving the window open so I can hear the drippy drop of the raindrops while I curl up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a gripping murder mystery.




It is a rarity that I have the chance to read in my favorite place. I am stuck up in Edmonton where we seem to be permanently in a polar vortex. Well, around Christmas my parents tend to have lots of wood fires. On a cold night at -10°F (-20°C) nothing feels better than sitting in an armchair and reading with the smell of pine and the crackle of sap bursting till I fall asleep.




I have a couch in my bedroom that is perfect for curling up with a good book on a cold day. I’ll toss all of my fluffiest pillows and the down comforter on there and read in my favorite pair of comfy sweatpants. I use the pillows to prop myself in all sorts of random positions as I read for hours. My cats like to sit next to me and I’ll often bring a cup of coffee with me so I can stay awake while I read – sometimes it’s so cozy that I end up falling asleep with the book on my face!




My favorite place to read is on the window seat in my family home, especially when the Christmas tree is up. If it’s too cold by the window, though, I might gravitate to a warm sofa or a cozy chair. Like William said, there’s not much better than being by a log fire.






I have so many happy memories of reading in my childhood room at my parents’ house in Vermont, but at the moment, I think the comfy armchair by the window in my apartment in Brooklyn is my favorite winter reading spot. A nice view of the pretty street outside, lots of natural light, plenty of nearby places to put cups of coffee – what more could I want? Bonus points for the times when both of my cats will cuddle into the chair with me.


So now we want to share our conversation with you! Tell us about your favorite winter reading spot in the comments!


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