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5 Books Like The Maze Runner

books like the maze runnerLost, you wander from book shelf to book shelf. The throbbing in your eye sockets remains even after a few days’ rest from your one-week binge read of all five books of The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. Now you are trying to find solace in new books like The Maze Runner, but your wandering is fruitless. So you turn to Google to find your answers…and here you have them. Welcome to Bookkaholic; we will be happy to find the books you need.


5 Books like The Maze Runner


Dream CasterDream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadarajah

Welcome to a dystopia in which the world has been destroyed and people are trying to pick up the pieces. This book delivers a unique plot with several likable characters. The similarity to The Maze Runner is mainly in the plot. It grabs hold of you by the collar and drags you to the next page even while your spouse is yelling for you to do the dishes. This book offers some unique locations from real life while offering a twist on magic and how it is used. Although I thought this book was a bit lower on the Young Adult Scale it was a great read and still holds a high rating on Goodreads.


Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

Another great book like The Maze Runner is Lockdown. This book is the first part in a spectacular series following the journey of a wrongly convicted criminal and his struggle to escape from a prison one mile underground. This is one story that will haunt you in your sleep and force you into buying the next book in the series. The complex characters and unpredictable plot are addictive and the world is described so vividly. This is a must read.


Red Rising by Pierce Brown

This book is often compared to The Hunger Games, which I think is pretty fair. This book has a lot of similarities in that there is repression of one group that needs to fight back to create balance. Although this one is focused on Mars, don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t a good one; it still has all the workings of a great novel. The main character is enjoyable. I worry that this novel has too much telling and not enough showing. That might be my only complaint, but otherwise a great one.


The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Although at first it seems to have a humorous plotline, this novel delivers a bump into a new and unique world where you don’t know what will happen next. The story is darker and more mature than you first think, and all the characters hearing each others’ thoughts makes you wonder what this world could truly be like. Plus it would be a sad world with no women in it. This book will entertain and shock. Just put it on your book shelf. *Bonus* It is also a series!


books like the maze runnerBlood Red Road by Moira Young

This book is a bit like Gladiator the movie. I personally love novels set in post-apocalyptic world because it opens the door to so many interesting storylines and subplots. This book has fighting action, a strong female heroine, and great supporting characters. The main character may be one of the most bad-ass people I have read about in a long time, which may make her a little less likeable to you, but not for me. I loved it. The writing is in dialect and not grammatically correct, so bear that in mind. This book deserves your time, so go take a look.


If these recommendations for books like The Maze Runner aren’t good enough for you, put your suggestions in the comments and we might even add them to this post!


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