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The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

In Helene Wecker’s compulsively readable debut novel, supernatural worlds collide as a female golem, Chava, and a jinni, Ahmad, meet on the streets of 19th century Lower Manhattan. Each is the product of a magical accident-Chava is created to be the wife of a man who dies en route to America, and a Little Syria tinsmith releases Ahmad from centuries of captivity. Wecker creates appealing conflicts for her almost-human characters as they navigate the wildernesses of Manhattan and other people, but at times the style she maintains to paint her historic backdrop rings false; and, like comic book heroes who haven’t quite figured out all their powers, the golem and the jinni can sometimes waffle between being impenetrably superhuman and fallible enough to be likable.

Praga - Golem

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