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Ouch… Be careful. That is hot off the press. It is our fresh ink and it is still hot! We’ve been working hard to put down the freshest ink we can. Our authors, locked away in the pits of the Bookkaholic dungeon, are hard at work putting their ink to the pad making words for you to read. Their hard work is in vain since we scan their writing and put it into digital format anyways, but please keep that secret. Due to their bookaholic addictions to hardcovers and paperbacks, which they consume at break neck speeds, we don’t want them to find out our magazine is online. In order to lessen their suffering, we recommend you read and comment on the fresh ink below. It makes them happy, which keeps new content popping up here all the time.


Fresh ink is what everyone needs to find the newest and best books. We bring it to you every monday with new articles, books, book lists, and debate. Come explore out fresh ink.
There is more so wander the site and check out some interesting books that are pretty special. Our book trailers will make your eyes water with want, some book debates can make you think, and books you should read next help find your next read. Don’t forget to bookmark us, join our mailing list, or visit us weekly for new interesting books and book info. We’ve got so many book stories and reads that you are sure to find something to get your eyes on.
Fresh Ink

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Also, you probably have had a book problem in the past? If you’ve got one now, we’d love to hear about it and solve it. get book advice of your own. We love solving book related problems. Cracked Kindle? We got that. Broken heart? We know what to read.

Fresh Ink gives you articles about books, reading, and literature in general. Come take a look below or explore the rest of our site. Read, relax, and enjoy.

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