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Frameworks: The Price of Delusion Trailer


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Synopsis: Dr. Decker, a brilliant Nanotechnologist and Virtual Reality Engineer, is suddenly tapped by the government to help them on one of their Top Secret projects. Seeing this as a lucrative promotion and an opportunity to work with the latest advancements in his field, he decided to accept their offer. Little did he know that he was about to take a journey into a new reality. As time moved on, he went from the excitement of seeing how far mankind had progressed to the horrors of the high price that man would pay to get there. No man or woman had ever dreamt of the dangers inherent in the interweavement of human potential with good and evil, dangers that resulted in the ultimate hijacking of the human mind.
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Potentially entertaining sci-fi conspiracy theory


Seems to be full of sci-fi cliches Doesn't look original

Posted August 21, 2013 by

From its quintessentially melodramatic voiceover to its ‘90s-esque eerie blue graphics, everything about the trailer for James Regan’s Frameworks: The Price of Delusion screams sci-fi cliché. The plot, though, sounds like it could make for an enjoyable enough read: a nanotechnologist/virtual reality engineer goes to work for the government and discovers an elaborate scheme to control the minds of the world’s populace. Original? Not really—the trailer makes it quite clear that the book relies heavily on tech-gone-bad genre tropes. But a fun escapist novel?  Could be.


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About James Regan:

Mr. Regan lives in San Antonio, Texas. He has a lovely wife, Miriam, and a son named Lawton who is in the Army. Mr. Regan works as a Medical Technologist, B.S.M.T. ASCP.

He became a hospital corpsman and laboratory technician in the Navy during the Vietnam era. He has written science articles and has worked with various websites. Mr. Regan also has been a featured guest on television, participated in internet radio, and is a member of the Jerry B. Jenkins CW Guild.

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