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We’ve been working hard to bring together some of the cool books we have reviewed, read, seen, heard, of and wanted to share them with you. We’d love for you to find something great to read from out ever changing selection of books. We are constantly in a search for more books and more novels and more stories to let you get the best experience out of reading and we know that this will be great for you to take a look at. We want books to be cool again. We think John Waters said it best, “We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t **** them.” This is the way books should be respected… well not exactly, but you get the idea. We want people to respect books and our writers are bringing that respect. Read on to find the books, articles, and ideas we respect.

Cool Books

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Our writers are truly amazing. They are a group of dedicated readers, librarians, and bookaholics. They really know their books and have literally read tens of thousands. We think it is really important that we support them, their choices, and their ability to find great books. They are constant readers and love to share that knowledge with you. Hopefully you can find yourself some great books on our site and if you can’t then you should put in a request since we are more than willing to find a book for you. Our cool books are below. So take a look.

Cool Books are below