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Posted December 23, 2013 by

The Book of Ash

by John McCaffrey

The futuristic world in John McCaffrey’s The Book of Ash is eerily believable. It’s a future that isn’t farfetched, and that definitely sparked both worry and hope in me as I read. Often, writers create a brighter world to look forward to. McCaffrey cuts straight to the bone. The future isn’t necessarily better or worse – just different, darker, and (yes) funnier.

It’s McCaffrey’s deft ability to address both distressing situations, relationships, and the raw humor of being a human that makes his work so powerful. He turns the concept of emotions into commodities, items dealt as products. Anger, like anniversaries, is only “celebrated” once a year. And then it is cashed in for full payment.

I recommend The Book of Ash to anyone who enjoys an engaging, well-paced novel that sparkles with action, emotion, and humanity.

By Douglas Light

About John

John McCaffrey graduated from Villanova University before receiving his M.A. in Creative Writing from the City College of New York.  His stories, essays, and book reviews appear regularly in literary journals, magazines, and newspapers.  A Pushcart Prize nominee, his story “Words,” first published in Fiction Magazine, was also selected for Flash Fiction Forward, an anthology containing work from some of the most noted writers of our time, including Grace Paley, Dave Eggers, and Paul Theroux.

Find The Book of Ash on Goodreads or on his author site.

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    Very interesting trailer for a very good book.

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