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Review: Enchantment Lake by Margi Preus

Adolescence is the time in our lives when we search. We have to uncover who we are and who we want to be. YA literature often approaches this topic in a more symbolic than literal manner. Young characters go on physical quests ...

Author Interview with A.M. Bostwick

I recently had a chance to read The Great Cat Nap, which is a wonderful children’s book debut by writer A.M. Bostwick. I reached out to see if Ms. Bostwick would kindly share some of her insight into her novel and budding...
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Summer Reading 2014: Beat the Heat

Today, as I walked from my car to the school building, I felt perspiration collecting along my hairline, nose, lips, fingers, toes, foot, and back. Maybe I should mention that the entire parking lot is maybe tenĀ feet wide. Yep,...