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Book Debate

Where to Start With a New Author?

Picking up a book by an author you’ve never encountered before can be a bit daunting. As a fresh reader you face, all over again, the challenges of adjusting to a new voice, style, and subject matter (or at least, variations on...
Interesting Books

S**t Happens in the Great American Novel: Scatological Literature

I have a little theory that all of the new contenders for the title of ‘Great American Novel’ are required to include an episode of scatological humor. Think of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom (2010), in which a young man must sift ...

What to read? (Part 4) The Literary Canon

What makes the classics so ‘classic,’ and why should modern readers still seek to experience them? Nothing to be frightened of As Arnold Bennett reflected, it is easy to feel daunted when approaching the literary canon – “The a...

New Reads

Poetry to Prose

According to novelist and short story writer Joyce Carol Oates, “poetry focuses upon the image, the particular thing, or emotion, or feeling, while prose fiction focuses upon motion through time and space.” Based on...