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Synopsis: Live interview with Jay Gandhi. ************************** I: Hello Jay Jay: Huh! [In a disheveled state] I: Heard you're in some trouble? Jay: Me, the best criminal lawyer in Hyderabad. You kidding? I: Well, wasn't a dead body found in your house last night? Jay: Who told you? [Pushing the mike away from his face in a fit] I: Is that dead man your father? Jay: Rathi has been talking shit. I: Is it true? You killed your father! Jay...... [Clenching his teeth and blocking the door to his house] I: ..... [Waiting for response} Jay: ..... [Looking back inside his house as if checking something] I: Did you? [Waiting again] You did? [Eyes wide now] Jay: How can I? HE DIED TWENTY YEARS BACK! Are you listening! TWENTY YEARS BACK.
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Well-designed visuals and an intriguing protagonist.


Looks like the story relies heavily on genre cliches.

Posted August 28, 2013 by

The trailer for Dead Man’s Alibi, Mita Jain’s new murder mystery, covers just about every typical genre element in two tidy minutes. Cry in the night? Check. Inspector with murky intentions? Check. A mysterious love interest, a bevy of suspects, and the promise of dark secrets dredged from the past? Check, check, and check. So, no, Dead Man’s Alibi might not be the most original crime novel you’ll read this year, but that’s not to say that it can’t be a good one. The trailer’s evocative visuals, many of them illustrations, develop a rich noir atmosphere, and the central premise of a high-profile lawyer’s being put on the defensive sounds like it could make for a compelling protagonist. Plus, this book definitely gets bonus points for its cool and unconventional synopsis. It’s unclear to what extent Dead Man’s Alibi might transcend its seeming reliance on genre clichés, but the trailer is just intriguing enough to indicate that it’s probably worth finding out.


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About Mita Jain:

Mita loves to paint and write. Both of these forms of art hold a special place in her heart. She writes in different genres like Mystery fiction, Contemporary Fiction, and Fantasy Fiction. She also likes to write poetry.

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