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Book Giveaway: Tendrils of Life

Tendrils of Life: A story of love, loss, and survival in the turmoil of the Korean War

By: Owen Choi

The Details!

Owen Choi is giving this book away from July 12th to July 14th on Amazon. This is a free Kindle eBook. No registration, no restrictions, no nothing. Just go download it for your Kindle. The book has high ratings and looks amazing.

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Synopsis of Tendrils of Life

Acute food shortages and lawlessness plague communist-occupied Seoul at the start of the Korean War in 1950. Jimin, a sixteen-year-old boy, aches to return to the safety of his old home on Ockdo (Jade  Island), a remote island he’d left five years earlier. But only his  father, who is absent from home, knows the way.

His adversary, a man who’s been plotting to wipe out Jimin’s family and steal their island, tries to eliminate him, forcing him to traverse the war-torn country on foot with his  seven-year-old sister to find their father. But the war sweeps across  the country multiple times and hinders them from rejoining their father.

Back in Seoul, with Chinese troops (who invade the country to  prop up the Communists) bearing down on them, Jimin is forced to join the army, leaving his sister alone, hungry, and homeless in the cold, bomb-devastated city.

With action and suspense, Tendrils of Life is a rich and intriguing work of historical literary fiction, interwoven with gripping character-oriented narratives and full of visual detail. It’s a story of love and hope, greed and revenge, and the quest for survival in the turmoil of war – a depiction of the resilience of the human spirit. A historical thriller and romance in 150,000 words.

This book has great ratings. It is sitting at 4.4 out of 5 as of publication on Goodreads, with even higher ratings on Amazon. Find it on Goodreads.

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